The first network of secure and closed bicycle parking facilities

Cyc'lock builds a network of secure, closed parking lots by connecting locations using its connected locking system. The network is then made available to cyclists using a smartphone application.

Offer your cyclists secure and convenient parking in a few steps

We transform your spaces into parking lots

Whether or not you already have bike storage, regardless of the size and configuration of your space.

The Cyc'lock app manages them for you

Once your parking lot is connected to our network, the Cyc'lock application takes care of managing access.

Cyclists help you understand

Cyclists generate useful data for understanding bicycle use within your territory or company.

I don't have a bicycle garage
I already have a bicycle garage
If you do not have a garage yet

Modular & customizable box

One box, one bike. Cyc'lock offers the most efficient solution to protect your bike from vandalism and bad weather. Cyc'lock boxes are self-supporting and easy to install.


1, 2, 6 or 100, it is possible to install any number of boxes put together.

And customizable

to fit perfectly into their environment or to take on your identity.

If you already have garages

A device to integrate any garage to the network

Cyc'lock has designed for you a versatile connected device that allows you to integrate any type of bicycle garage to our application. No more keys, codes or badges difficult to control, let Cyc'lock take care of the access to your garages.

Versatile ...

The Cyc'lock box has been designed to fit any model of bicycle garage.

And interoperable

It is not necessary to replace all existing equipment: the box can be installed in parallel with another means of access.

The application manages access for you

Once your Cyc'lock parking point is created, the application becomes a convenient and adaptable means of access to your bike park.


Restrict the access of a garage to your employees or open it to Cyc'lock users, we configure it for you.

And puts you in the spotlight

The application highlights your actions in favor of soft mobility.

Measure the impact of cycling on your mobility policy

By using the app and your parking lots, cyclists generate useful data to understand soft mobility usage for your business or community.

Relevant data...

These data allow the implementation of mobility plans and reporting in line with actual usage.

and compliant

In compliance with the RGPD, usage data is aggregated and anonymized.

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They talk about Cyc'lock

"BAM and Cyc'lock share this vision of installing an efficient network of bicycle parking facilities with simplified, homogeneous and secure access as close to the citizens as possible, but also to multiply the number of available spaces."


Co-founder, BAM Agitateur de mobilité

"For both Viraj and Cyc'lock, making bicycle parking facilities safe and accessible are key steps in removing the disincentives to everyday bicycle use!"


Founder, Viraj

"Vélo-Cité supports Cyc'lock in its plan to make a large amount of secure bicycle parking readily available in high-demand areas."


Coordinateur, Vélo-Cité

"Cargobike Trade is happy to gather around the strong convictions of Cyc'lock to give back safe space to bikes, in our daily life."



"Theft remains the main obstacle in the project of buying a bike. Cyc'lock allows to reassure the happy owners of bicycle by ensuring them a solution of parking."


Co-founder, Acolyte

They support us

The team around the project

Cyc'lock has gathered a dynamic and complementary team to carry out its project.

Louis Schneider
Co-founder- Marketing manager

Engineer-entrepreneur, attentive to markets and passionate about technological innovation and usage.

Mawuse Degboe

Coming from high tech physics, driven by the ecological transition and invested in the crypto ecosystem.

Louis Gely
Co-founder- Product manager

Trained in innovative project management, rigorous logistician and passionate about change.

Thomas Le Gall
Business manager

Passionate about adventure, has an outstanding commercial fibre, wishes to participate in the development of the territories.

Incubator - Associate

First French-speaking innovation network, generator of disruptive innovation, which has supported over 200 startups.

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