Bike parking powered
by Elrond

Cyc'lock creates smart city services based on the Elrond bockchain. Participate in the creation of its first project: the construction of a bicycle parking network.

Our white paper

Download our white paper to learn more about the vision driving the project: creating services for a smart city through IoT and blockchain.

The different utilities of the 
$CYC token

The $CYC token allows investors to contribute to the development of the parking network and the growth of the company while receiving a fair return.

Network farming

The $CYC token allows investors to contribute to the development of the parking network and the growth of the company while receiving a fair return.

Staking of NFT

Each parking spot in the Cyc'lock network is associated with an NFT. Exchange your $CYC for one of them, then stake it to generate rewards.

Bicycle services

$CYC holders will benefit from advantages on the services offered by the company: discount on subscriptions, reserved seats, etc.

The Cyc'lock Roadmap

The Team around the project

Cyc'lock has gathered a dynamic and complementary team to carry out its project.

Louis Schneider
Co-founder - Marketing manager

Engineer-entrepreneur, attentive to markets and passionate about technological innovation and usage.

Mawuse Degboe

Coming from high tech physics, driven by the ecological transition and invested in the crypto ecosystem.

Louis Gely
Co-founder- Production manager

Trained in innovative project management, rigorous logistician and passionate about change.

Thomas Le Gall
Sales manager

Passionate about adventure, has an outstanding commercial fibre, wishes to participate in the development of the territories.

Gavrila Bogdan
Graphic Designer

Graphic designer and illustrator, passionate about translating complicated data into easy to understand schemes and drawings.

Teodor Rădoi
Community admin

In partnership with automation, passionate about technology and ways that connects us. Currently in Escalation & Communication administration.

Associated incubator

First French-speaking innovation network, generator of disruptive innovation, which has supported over 200 startups.

They support and participate in our project


How do we plan to develop our blockchain solutions?

The team is working on setting up a sustainable partnership with a computer science research laboratory and is currently looking for exceptional profiles to drive this aspect internally.

Do we plan to expand internationally?

Yes, but in order to do so, we need to draw a good experience from the first deployments in France.

What are our motivations for this project?

We are convinced of the urgent need to provide effective solutions to environmental problems. The solutions we are working on will allow us to deploy different projects in the field of smarticity in order to contribute to the environmental transition of cities by using innovative technologies!

Do we plan another remuneration system than the monthly subscription?

Yes, we do! The monthly subscription is the main indicator that we follow to evaluate the performance of our networks. However, for tourist cities, seaside resorts, ... It is necessary for us to propose short term parking offers.

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